Before one can claim expertise in tower construction, one must be a construction expert. No number of towers can make up for over 35 years of experience on large complex projects…including over 200 towers.
- Bill Brown

Founded in 2001 Expert Construction Managers, Inc., a Florida Corporation headquartered in Brandon, Florida, is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with a myriad of construction projects. Whether the requirements are to perform tower maintenance and recabling or complete concrete, facility and tower erection, Expert has created it at various sites throughout Florida. We proudly live our lives and make our livelihood in this great state fully cognizant of the extraordinary construction vulnerabilities the Florida climate, soil and pulling project permits. We have the local knowledge and connections necessary to perform this work better than any company with a “regional office”. We did not mobilize from “up north” to complete your contract.

Quality project management is as tangible as the steel used for the tower. You can see it in the decisiveness of how we run a site by site as well as the conciseness of the reports and schedules we deliver. No bells and whistles to distract you, just the information and results you need to reach your goals. My first superintendent taught me to:

“Always tell it like it is.”
- Buck Goins