Before – This is the best time to engage your Construction Manager. Working with your designer or one we hire, Expert will engineer your project to immediately reduce costs. We have permitted hundreds of projects throughout Florida, so we can guide you through the red tape. We will help design and select your tower or metal building based on best value. We will also meet with the utility companies to negotiate the lowest cost power and telephone connections to your site.

During – Expert will be the General Contractor, exclusively performing the work that requires our expertise, hire the appropriate subcontractors and procure the necessary materials. Expert’s greatest strength is providing you with an orderly process to the ever changing construction environment. We will monitor construction progress, resolve change orders, and provide coordination among all parties. We stay constantly involved to ensure timely information flow among all parties.

Closeout – With the Owner, we will perform punch out inspection, furnish a report and track work off. Obtain the Certificate of Occupancy and compile the Owner’s closeout manuals and documents.

After – Answer all warranty calls during 1-year warranty period.

Florida State Certified GC #1504255


Expert’s commitment to safety is reflected in its safety record and in the education that each professional receives. Our company has had 0 injuries since 2001.

In addition, all of our supervisors have satisfactorily completed the required 30 hour OSHA training as well as many other relevant safety courses. We hold safety meetings weekly and as each new contractor arrives on site.


Zoning Support – Our team has managed the many bureaucratic zoning obstacles presented while completing previous projects in California, Florida and New England qualifies us as Experts. Let us provide a construction Expert to assist in the pricing and discussion of siting alternatives. We can attend zoning hearings and provide Expert testimony.

Third Party Management – Let Expert deal with those other pesky service providers:


To Expert Construction Managers each project is managed as though it is the only project Experts is working on. In addition, Expert Construction Managers will approach each construction and tower project with the following Core Principles: