This representative list of Expert Construction Managers sampling of accomplishments and is by no means an all-inclusive list of jobs completed. It is intended to provide you with an example of the vast variety of work experience the Experts professionals have completed.

Florida State University WFSU-TV Tower - Apalachicola National Forest

Tallahassee, FL
825' guyed TV tower
HDTV antenna
Clear forest
We had to supply the design of the tower & foundations and select and purchase and test the antenna.

Gulf Coast Community College – New Radio Tower Facility

Southport, FL
420’ AM radio guyed tower
FM radio antenna with hard lined coax
8 microwave dishes and elliptical waveguide
Racks, cabinets, cable trays
Microwave system radios and software
UPS backup
Finished precast shelter
Emergency generator
Propane tank
Grounding system with a mat
Fenced-in graveled compound.

Armory Building – Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Tampa, FL
Slab on grade
3600 sf block building with a metal truss roof system
Security features.

Bithlo, Zellwood and Ocoee 911 Communications Tower Sites

Orange County, FL

In 2007, Expert went through an extensive, competitive selection process by the Orange County Purchasing Department. The contract was for the design and construction of two radio tower sites, 280’ and 190’. Not only was Expert awarded the contract, but the County was so pleased with our performance, Expert was given a third 280’ tower site in 2008 as a change order. These sites included:

Two 250’ SS Towers
One 190’ SS Tower
Demo 150' guyed tower & shelter
800 MHz antennas & lines
Microwave dishes & elliptical waveguide
3 UPS backups
3 finished precast shelters
3 emergency generators
3 diesel fuel tanks
Motorola grounding systems
3 fenced-in gravel compounds
3 gravel roads

Englewood Tower

Pensacola, FL
440’ guyed tower
2 star mounts
800 MHz antennas and lines
Microwave dishes and elliptical waveguide
Fenced compound
Extensive grounding system.
This project was awarded through a scored proposal process based on the design of the tower and foundation.

South Florida Water Management District:

Telemetry Towers all over South Florida (actually 5 projects)
Glades, Okeechobee, Martin, Osceola, Polk Counties, FL

One of our best and most demanding customers is South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). Over the past 7 years Expert has built 8 towers as part of 5 contracts for both LMR and MW systems. All of these projects were well over $1M and awarded via competitive bid.

18 different sites
Eight new SS towers of varying heights from 190’ to 300’ tall
Demo two 190’ and one 150’ guyed towers
LMR and SCADA antennas and lines
Eight precast shelters for microwave equipment
Five precast shelters with generator and TS
Five propane fuel tanks
R-56 grounding systems
Seven fenced gravel compounds and roads
Relocate and install radios

Even with SFWMD extensive review and approval process, Expert was able to deliver several of these projects 30 to 50 days ahead of schedule. Many of them included installation of new radios or relocation of existing radios. Expert wrote detailed Cutover Plans, so all parties knew what was to be expected. The MW Systems Expert installed achieved the required reliability standard of 99.9999%.

Various Emergency Communications Towers

St. Lucie County Fire District
Seven contracts for 13 towers over 7 years
Self-support 100’, 120’, and 300’ towers
Demo 5 old towers
Motorola grounding systems
Lightening arrestors

Most of these projects were awarded through a hard bid process. Some were FEMA emergency work and some were parts of new stations. These towers were design build.

100’ Carrabelle Tower and Relocation of Radios & Microwave System

Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL

Again, Expert was awarded multiple contracts by the same agency. These two projects were awarded through a negotiated proposal process similar to Pensacola’s. First Expert were awarded the 100’ guyed tower, antennas and lines. Then Expert was awarded the new shelter, 2 more towers and radio work.

Expert supplied and installed the following components in 2009 and 2010:
100' guyed tower
800 MHz antennas & lines
TACO antennas & lines
Finished precast shelter
Emergency generator
R-56 grounding system
Two 60' telescoping towers
Diesel fuel tank
Radio installation

Various Cell Tower Sites

Statewide – Florida

Vertex Development

25 sites over 8 years
Monopoles from 120’ to 230’
Flagpoles and tree poles
Guyed towers up to 300’
Fenced-in gravel compounds
800A to 1200A services and phone
Gravel and paved roads
Motorola grounding systems

These projects were negotiated awards for a private owner. They included preconstruction CM services and complete building as the GC. We purchased the towers too.

Capital Communications

3 Contracts
3 sites
Monopoles from 150’, 150’ and 180’
Fenced-in gravel compounds
800A service and phone
Gravel and paved roads
Motorola grounding system

These projects were hard bid awards for a private owner.


120’ tree pole
Installed cabinets
Installed generator
Fenced-in gravel compound
800 A services and phone
Gravel road
Motorola grounding systems

This project was hard bid to a private owner. We have also done many co-locations on others’ towers for T-Mobile.

Verizon Wireless

2 new sites over 2 years
12 co-locations over 6 years
250’ self-support towers
Installed precast shelters
Installed generators
Fenced-in gravel compounds
800A to 1000A services and phone
Gravel roads
Motorola grounding system

These projects were hard bid to a private owner. The two new sites were in Nassau St. John’s Counties. The co-locations were all over Florida.